March 9, 2017

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a new car, the next thing you’re going to be thinking about is getting the best deal. What’s the best time of year or month to buy? When are the big sales and the biggest bargains to be had?

We like to think that you’ll always get the best deal here on AutoTender, no matter when you go online. Our unique reverse auction model pretty much guarantees it.

But, there are definitely certain times of the year and month that dealers will be looking to sharpen their pencils, and it’s good to know when and why.

It’s no secret anymore, but up near the top of the list is the end of financial year period (EOFYS). As dealers look to hit their sales targets and close off their books on a high, the EOFYS period has become one mad hive of activity in the car sales space. Practically every brand and dealer will be holding an EOFYS sale, and they’ll be doing whatever they can to get you through the door.

The end of the calendar year – the end of December – is another good time to be buying. This is the time when dealers are looking to shift old stock, in order to make way for new-year models. Many buyers can also be pre-occupied with Christmas shopping, so if you’re in the game at this time, dealers will be keen to talk.

Equally, the start of the year in January can be good buying, when dealers look to move the product they couldn’t get rid of in December. Cars they put on the lot during the previous year will have a build plate of that previous year, and they get harder and harder to sell as the new-year progresses. They don’t want these last year build plate cars to hang around, so they’ll do what they can to sell them.  

The end of each month may also see discounting, as dealers who need to meet their monthly targets will be sweating bullets and looking to shift some stock.

Dealers also have big weekend sales targets to hit, so they can be keen to do deals on a Saturday or Sunday in order to hit their numbers.

End of model run-outs also offer an opportunity to pick up some sharp pricing. This can happen at any time of the year, so keep an eye out or research when updated models will be hitting the market.

If you need any further assistance or advice when looking to buy a new car, make sure you talk to the team at AutoTender. We’re the experts in getting the best deal possible, and we’re on your side.